Plot 4 lower kololo

Small Plates (Break Fast)

Farm-fresh yogurt parfait
UShs 35,000
Made with locally made granola and honey.
Cheese Board : (Serves 2)
UShs 60,000
Selection of artisanal cheeses with house-made jams and nuts.


Served with your choice of tea / coffee along with juice and fresh fruits from the buffet section.

Avocado Toast
UShs 17,000
Avocado / Tomatoes / Arugula / Parmesan / Cilantro
Rolex : Uganda’s Trophy Breakfast.
UShs 20,000+
An Organic free-range egg omelette, served with an assortment of chicken or…
Buttermilk pancakes
UShs 20,000
Made with organic flour & topped with fresh berries & whipped cream.
Farm Omelette
UShs 22,000
Fresh vegetable omelette with locally sourced eggs, served with whole grain toast.
UShs 27,000
Served with Bacon / Choice of Egg / Sausage / Toast
Breakfast Burrito
UShs 30,000
Flour Tortilla / Avocado / Tomato Salsa / Scrambled Eggs / Home…
Egg Benedicts
UShs 30,000
Poached eggs on English muffins with ham and topped with hollandaise sauce
Full English Breakfast
UShs 37,000
Choice of Egg / Grilled Tomatoes / Sauteed Mushrooms Baked Beans /…

SIDES (Break fast)

Crispy Hash Browns
UShs 12,000
Made with locally grown potatoes
Seasonal Fruit Salad
UShs 20,000
Featuring fruits sourced from our farm in Kapeeka.
UShs 23,000
Topped with brown sugar, nuts, and fruit

Kid’s Section (Break Fast)

Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich
UShs 11,000
Served with a side of carrot sticks.
Scrambled Eggs 🆕
UShs 14,000
With cheese served with whole-grain toast soldiers
Mini Pancakes
UShs 15,000
Served with fresh fruit skewers


Creamy Potato & Leek Soup
Creamy soup featuring tender potatoes and locally sourced leeks, seasoned with fresh…
Roasted Butternut Squash Soup
UShs 15,000
Made with locally grown butternut squash, roasted to bring out its natural…
Hearty Vegetable Minestrone
UShs 15,000
A medley of seasonal vegetables sourced from local farms, simmered in a…
Farmhouse Chicken Noodle Soup 🌶️
UShs 17,000
Classic comfort soup made with chicken, hearty vegetables and homemade egg noodles,…
Garden Gazpacho
UShs 20,000
A chilled soup featuring ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers & onions, pureed…


Organic, hand-picked salad leaves from our in-house garden and farm at Kapeeka, served in an edible salad bowl.

Build your own salad
UShs 29,000+


Serves 3pcs per order

Vegan Tofu Tacos
UShs 25,000
Tofu, Cheese, Guacamole, Coleslaw.
Halloumi Tacos
UShs 29,000
Served With Hallomin Cheese, Guacamole and Coleslaw.
Pulled Beef Birria Tacos (Chef’s special)
UShs 30,000
Lemon Skin / Beef Chunk / Chef’s Special Sauce.
Charred Chicken Tacos
UShs 30,000
Chicken Breast / Chilli Salsa / Youghurt Chilli Tomato Sauce.
Baha Fish Tacos
UShs 30,000
Tilapia Fillet / Guacamole / Coleslaw.
Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos
UShs 55,000
Shrimp / Mayonnaise / Spring Onion / Chilli / Garlic / Onions…
Tacos flight
UShs 75,000
Your choice of 3 different types of Tacos, 3 pieces each, served…


All our ingredients are locally sourced and available at our Ark Organics store directly from our Kapeeka farm

Crispy Kale Chips
UShs 22,000
A light and crunchy snack made with kale leaves which are baked…
Feta & Coriander Samosas (3pcs)
UShs 24,000
Feta Cheese / Coriander / Homemade Pastry.
Mixed Mezze
UShs 26,000
Hummus / Dill Yogurt / Roasted Eggplant / Dill Cherry Tomato /…
Vegan Tofu Meatballs
UShs 26,000
Home-made Tofu Minced Ball / Arugula / Cherry Tomato / Baby Carrot…
Sweet & Sour Wings
UShs 26,000
Crispy Wings tossed with sweet & sour sauce.
Revive Waldorf Salad
UShs 26,000
Arugula / Cashews / Feta / Apples / Grapes / Celery.
Pork Short Ribs
UShs 30,000
An assortment of succulent marinated pork riblets.
Halloumi Mezze (🥜)
UShs 36,000
Grilled Herbed Halloumi / Dill Cherry Tomato / Pickled Red Onion /…


Our Bowls are freshly made featuring an assortment of freshly
harvested vegetables, herbs and spices. Get creative and build
your own signature bowl that speaks to your discerning taste

Build your own Bowl
UShs 35,000+
Our Bowls are freshly made featuring an assortment of freshly harvested vegetables,…


Made in house served with French Fries or House Salad

Roasted Mushroom Shawarma
UShs 28,000
Vegan mayo aioli / English cucmber / Red onion / Cherry /…
Veggie Heaven Wrap
UShs 28,000
Crispy Falafel / Bell Pepper / House Pickle / Cucumber / Lettuce…
Banhi Mi Wrap
UShs 30,000
Thinly sliced Beef or Chicken seasoned in Lemongrass Marinade / Carrot &…
Mediterranean Tilapia Wrap
UShs 40,000
English Cucumber / Tomato / Onion / Crumbled Feta / Vegan Aioli…


Mixed Green Salad
UShs 12,000
A simple salad featuring a mix of fresh greens like spinach, arugula,…
Sauteed Spinach
UShs 12,000
Spinach sautéed with garlic & olive oil until wilted, seasoned with salt,…
Grilled Seasonal Vegetablesa
UShs 15,000
Zucchini, bell pepper, eggplant brushed with olive oil, seasoned with salt &…
Herb-Roasted Potatoes
UShs 15,000
Baby potato tossed with olive oil, garlic & fresh herbs like thyme,…


Ice Creams
UShs 13,000
Chocolate / Vanilla / Strawberry
Seasonal Homemade Vegan Ice Cream
UShs 13,000
Fruit Bowl
UShs 15,000
An assortment of our chefs seasonal fruit selecction.
Sticky Butterscotch Pudding
UShs 18,000
Chocolate Mud Slide
UShs 20,000
(Served with a choice of ice cream)


Meat and Greet
UShs 150,000
Serves 4 4 Beef Skewers 4 Grilled Chicken Pieces 4 Pork Ribs…
For the Love of Veg
UShs 200,000
Serves 4 Spaghetti Squash Tofu Skewers Vegan tofu meatless balls Mushroom Shawarma…
Family Feast
UShs 350,000
Serves 8 8 Grilled Chicken Pieces 8 Beef Skewers 8 Pork Ribs…
Party at the Pit
UShs 600,000
Serves 12 12 Grilled Chicken Pieces 12 Beef Skewers 12 Pork Ribs…


Moroccan Inspired Eggplant Tagine
UShs 30,000
Stewed eggplant along with tomato, local chili, cucumber, pita bread, pickled red…
UShs 30,000
A gourmet-tasting friendly meal that packs rich and decadent flavors into a…
Smash Burger
UShs 30,000+
Made by smashing the ground beef onto the grill or griddle resulting…
Ranchers Stew
UShs 34,000+
Chef’s special slow cooked flavourful stew along with your choice of protein…
Pesto Tagliatelle
UShs 35,000
Hand-made tagliatelle tossed in basil pesto topped with cashew nuts, parmesan cheese…
Revive Chimichurri Steak
UShs 40,000+
Juicy, toothsome, beefy grilled flank steak, sliced into perfect strips, pink in…
Fish Fingers
UShs 40,000
Small pieces of fish, breaded and baked resulting in a perfectly golden…
Herb Crumbed Chicken Tenders
UShs 44,000
Tender, juicy breast pieces of chicken breaded and fried while retaining the…
Southern Fried Chicken
UShs 46,000
A unique delicacy where the chicken is coated and fried in such…
Home Style Goat Muchomo
UShs 48,000
Seared muchomo cuts in tomato gravy along with diced pepper, onion, cilantro…
Cider-Brined Pork Chop
UShs 52,000
A tender pork chop brined in apple cider served with side of…
Herb-Infused, Slow Roasted Pork Ribs
UShs 55,000
Tender pork ribs sourced from local farms, slow-roasted to perfection with a…


Jackfruit Burger
UShs 25,000
Baby jackfruit, mozzarella, vegan mayonnaise, tomato, pickled cucumber, red onion, lettuce and…
Chicken Burger
UShs 28,000+
Buttery cheddar, grilled patty, fresh tomato slice, pickled cucumber, onion rings and…